Numismatists Of Wisconsin

From the Editor

It is with deepest sorrow that the Numismatists of Wisconsin acknowledge the loss of Chet Krause, founding member, friend, mentor, and wonderful human being.

As many of you know, Chet founded the nationally renowned magazine, Numismatic News and subsequently Krause Publications, which became the nation’s largest hobby publication company.  What is less known, outside of Wisconsin, is the fact that Chet served as the catalyst for the formation of the Numismatists of Wisconsin.

In Chet’s own words:

"Gathered about a great round table for lunch were a group of Wisconsin coin collectors at the CSNS meeting in Detroit, MI, in April 1960. Their presence there had been premeditated, for several groups had expressed a desire to do so and I promised to get the principals together face-to-face in an initial meeting toward getting a state numismatic organization for Wisconsin under way.”

N.O.W was formally organized on July 8, 1960, appropriately in Iola at Chet’s facilities. We are proud to that our club is still going strong and represents just a small snippet in the legacies of Chet Krause.

You can read Chet's full obituary here.

May he forever Rest in Peace.

Chester L.'Chet' Krause

December 16, 1923 – June 25, 2016