Numismatists Of Wisconsin

From the Editor

Season’s Greetings fellow NOW members! Trim the tree, deck the halls, sing with glee, climb the walls…etc..etc. As insane as the holidays can be, it’s nice to be able to crawl into your designated numismatic private place in your home and just relax, work on your collection, or read about the hobby. Fortunately, you have another page-turning issue of NOW NEWS before you!

This issue is unprecedented in the fact that we have two articles written by persons outside of our membership. The reason for this is two-fold. First and foremost, they are excellent articles and fit nicely into NOW NEWS. Secondly, there simply weren’t enough articles submitted to fill the issue. While we are certainly able to publish with less material, it can make for a skimpy issue, which of course, we want to avoid. As you have known, we like to have at least four feature articles in each issue, preferably written by NOW members, but that is not a requirement. The bottom line is this: Please send in your articles!!! Any size, any numismatic topic, we’ll make it work.

The first feature in this issue is Part II of “Interview with Glenn Wright”by Jerry Binsfeld. Then coming to us from the Pacific Coast Numismatic Society and the Token and Medal Society, Herbert Miles tells the fascinating story of ‘The Girl on the Mirror” – remember your last issue of NOW NEWS? Herbert’s article sheds light on our cover model! Next is Mark Benvenuto’s last installment of ‘Inflating Away’, this time it’s the Belgian 5 franc. And finally, straight from The Numismatist, Gerome Walton investigates a scrip note from Wisconsin in “DeSoto Where?”

Regular departments are here as always, NOW News and Notes, Club News and Meetings, What’s New at the U.S. Mint?, ANA News, BEP News, BOOKS!, the occasional Humorous Numis, and the ever popular Show Calendar. Please note our loyal advertisers and patronize them whenever you can, their support of NOW is so very important.

Enjoy the Season!
Jeff Reichenberger

(Do you want to build a snowman?)