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By the time this issue arrives in the hands of readers, the following products will just be released or coming up on the facility’s schedule for the next few months.

December 05, 2023: Uncirculated Coin Set 2023 – The 2023 United States Mint Uncirculated Coin Set® contains two cards of 10 coins each, one from the United States Mint in Philadelphia and the other from the United States Mint in Denver, for a total of 20 coins.

January 04, 2024: Harriet Tubman 2024 Proof Five-Dollar Gold Coin – Further information to be determined. This coin will go on sale beginning at 12 p.m. and no limits are listed as of publishing.

January 25, 2024: American Innovation $1 Coin 2024 Rolls and Bags - Illinois – Further information to be determined. P and D-marked coins are available in 25-coin rolls and bags of 100. This coin will honor the steel plow which was invented in Illinois back in 1837.

February 06, 2024: Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Silver Medal – Further information to be determined. This honor for America’s 19th president goes on sale at 12 p.m. with no limits as of publishing.

February 15, 2024: American Women Quarters 2024 Rolls and Bags – Reverend Dr. Pauli Murray – Product will be available in 100-coin bags and two and three-coin roll sets. Murray was an early activist against sex discrimination and is seen as trans by some today.